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VMware Cloud

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VMware Cloud

The VMware Cloud application integrates with VMware vCenter to expose virtual machine and infrastructure management to ServiceNow users. The application enables users to request VMware virtual resources through the service catalog and provides flexible reporting for VMware admins.

Orchestration integrates with the vCenter API and adds VMware workflow activities to the existing Workflow application. The activities enable Orchestration to clone new VMs from templates, configure VMs, and power VMs on and off.

VMware modules appear in the ServiceNow navigator under VMware Cloud and Administration > VMware Cloud. When a user requests a virtual server, Orchestration executes preconfigured approval and provisioning tasks. If the request is approved, Orchestration automatically creates a virtual server from a stored template, configures the virtual machine, and then starts the server.

VMware Cloud is a feature of Orchestration and is available as a separate subscription from the rest of the ServiceNow platform. For information on purchasing a subscription, see Configuring VMware Cloud.