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Prerequisites for VMware Cloud

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Prerequisites for VMware Cloud

Before configuring your instance for VMware Cloud, you must activate the plugin, install a MID Server, and install vCenter.

Activate the Plugin

For instructions on activating the Orchestration - VMware Support plugin, which requires a separate subscription, see Configuring VMware Cloud. Activating this plugin also activates the Orchestration and web service Consumer plugins if they are not already active.

Install a MID Server

Install a ServiceNow MID Server on a suitable machine in your network and configure it to communicate with the instance. Ensure that the MID Server version is compatible with the ServiceNow instance version.

Install vCenter

Install the vCenter management application from VMware. Create the Windows and Linux templates on your ESX Server that the system can use to create virtual machines from service catalog requests. Refer to VMware product documentation for vCenter and the ESX Server for details about these procedures.

Configure the MID Server to access your ESX Server

Install a MID Server on the same network as the ESX Server.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to Orchestration > MID Server Properties.
  2. Set the Default MID Server to use for Orchestration Activities to the new MID Server.
  3. Navigate to MID Server > IP Ranges.
  4. Click New.
  5. Enter a Name for the IP range. Enter the IP Range that contains your ESX Server.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Return to the list of MID Servers.
  8. Select the MID Server you just installed.
  9. In the IP Ranges related list, select the new IP range.

Confirm that your instance can connect to the MID Server

You must ensure that the MID Server that you installed is connected to your instance.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin, aws_admin, sn_azure.admin, vmware_operator


  1. On the instance that the MID Server is connected to, navigate to MID Server > Servers. If Discovery is installed, navigate to Discovery > MID Servers.

    All MID Servers connected to the instance are listed.

  2. Make sure that the Status of the MID Server that you installed is Up.