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VMware Cloud configuration

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VMware Cloud configuration

Users who are members of the Virtual Provisioning Cloud Administrators group (cloud_admin role) can configure VMware accounts in the ServiceNow instance.

vCenter and the ESX Server

vCenter is the VMware management console that manages the activities of ESX Servers. ESX Servers contain the virtual server templates and hosts running virtual machines. Refer to VMware product documentation for instructions about installing and configuring vCenter and ESX Servers. Observe the following requirements when setting up the system to interact with vCenter and the ESX Server:

  • Ensure that all VMware products that are advertised in the service catalog have corresponding templates on the ESX Server. The names of the templates on the ESX Server should be descriptive enough to simplify selection during the manual phase of provisioning.
  • The MID Server probe's user must log in to vCenter with the proper VMware role to execute the probe’s action.
  • The ServiceNow instance supports Cloud Provisioning on vCenter versions 4.1 through 6.0. Using Cloud Management with other versions of vCenter may cause unexpected results.