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Provision VMware requests

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Provision VMware requests

Some service catalog requests for virtual servers that do not use task automation must be approved by a Cloud Approver or Cloud Administrator, and then provisioned by a Cloud Operator.

Upon approval of the request, Orchestration automatically creates the virtual server and powers it up on the network, using one of the IP addresses supplied. When Orchestration fulfills a virtual server request and creates a VMware configuration item (CI), the system creates a new asset in Asset Management. The new asset appears in the My Assets portal of the requester.


In the base system, the approval and provisioning process for each virtual server request is controlled by a workflow (Workflow > Workflow Editor) called Virtual Server. This workflow performs the following tasks:
  • Creates approval tasks for the approval group.
  • Collects the provisioning information when the request is approved. (If the request is rejected, the workflow ends.) The workflow determines if the request is for a Windows or Linux virtual machine.
  • Creates a catalog task to select the proper virtual server template and supply it with the necessary requirements, including the appropriate ESX resource pool.
  • Sets the variables and provisions the virtual server. Using the template selected, Orchestration clones the virtual server, attaches the IP address to the new virtual machine if guest customization is configured.
  • Powers up the virtual server.
  • Notifies the requester that the virtual machine has been created successfully.