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Get a registry key

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Get a registry key

Use the Get registry key operation to retrieve and select registry key attributes to store in a table.

About this task

This operation is relevant only for Windows.


  1. Select Get registry key from the Operation list in one of the following locations:
    • the Identification Sections or Connectivity Sections for Service Mapping
    • the Step window for Discovery
  2. Define a registry query:
    Using the browse function, if in Debug mode
    1. Click Browse and select the registry key. The selected key path is placed in the Registry key path field. A form opens and displays a list of keys in a tree.
    2. Select the key to show the attributes.
    3. Select the attributes and specify a name in the variable column of the table that stores the value of the key in the Results table. You can use variables. You can also enter a value from the specific field in a tabular variable as described in Useful shortcuts in Pattern Designer.
    Manually, if not in Debug mode
    1. In the Registry key path field, specify the registry key path.
    2. Ensure that the By using all keys from the registry directory is selected.
    3. Click Test and verify that the table is populated with variable names and values.
  3. If discovery must terminate when no results are found for the operation, select the Terminate check box.


The following configuration is an example of the Get registry key key operation.
Field Value
Hierarchy Applications > Portals
CI Type SharePoint
Pattern Microsoft SharePoint
Section Identification for SharePoint
Step number and Name 1. Find SharePoint version from registry