Create empty phases

Service Mapping allows you to split planned business services into groups which are referred to as phases.

Before you begin

Role required: sm_admin or sm_app_owner

Set up Service Mapping as described in Service Mapping setup.

About this task

Decide how you want to manage your business service planning by splitting business services into groups. These groups are referred to as phases.Then populate phases with business services.You are free to organize business services into phases whichever way you find effective: by location, by type of service, by priority, and so on.For example, if you decided to start your planning project from business services in the EMEA office, you create a phase with that name and populate it with all business services belonging to this office.

You do not have to accomplish planning phases in Service Mapping in any particular order. On the contrary, you can simultaneously make progress on testing and reviewing business services belonging to different phases.


  1. Navigate to Service Mapping > Service Map Planner > Phases.
  2. Click New.
  3. Define phase attributes as follows:
    Field Description
    Name Provide a descriptive, but short name for the phase.
    Description Provide a short description of the phase.
    Status Verify that the status is set to Active.
  4. Click Submit.
    The new phase appears in the list of phases.