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Approve business services during planning

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Approve business services during planning

The application owner reviews the fixed business service and approves it if the result is satisfactory.

Before you begin

Role required: sm_app_owner

About this task

As a staff member that is familiar with the infrastructure and applications, review the mapping results of the actual business service and provide your feedback in the form of notes. Then, a service deployment owner reviews and implements your feedback, and possibly, leaves some notes for you. The process of business service review may take some time as it requires making changes and running the mapping process on the business service. Typically, it takes several iterations to arrive at the desired result. Once the service deployment owner fixes all issues, you can approve the business services.

Ideally, only the application owner should approve the planned business service, however, any user with the sm_app_owner role can perform this task.


  1. Navigate to the planned business service:
    1. Navigate to Service Mapping > Best Practice > Planned Business Services.
    2. Sort the list of planned business services by status and scroll to see services in In Review status.

      Use the filter to narrow the list. For example, filter by your name if you are the application owner.

    3. Click the required business service.
  2. Review notes made by the service deployment owner.
  3. Click View Map and check that the changes you required are implemented.
  4. If the mapping results are satisfactory, click Approve.