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Plan business services

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Plan business services

You can centrally manage the process of planning, creating, and reviewing numerous business services using the Service Map Planner.

Typically, the process of creating a business service is intensive. It includes collecting information and performing multiple tests until you get a satisfying result. Most organizations have hundreds or thousands of services which makes this process even harder to manage. Service Mapping allows you to gather and test all the information related to business services in one central location.

You can create reports based on planning phases to monitor progress you made in planning and creating business services.

The process of planning and creating business services using Service Map Planner consists of several stages:
  1. Create empty phases

    Decide how you want to manage your business service planning by splitting business services into groups. These groups are referred to as phases. You are free to organize business services into phases whichever way you find effective: by location, by type of service, by priority, and so on. For example, if you decided to start your planning project from business services in the EMEA office, you create a phase with that name and populate it with all business services belonging to this office.

    You do not have to accomplish planning phases in Service Mapping in any particular order. On the contrary, you can simultaneously make progress on testing and reviewing business services belonging to different phases.

  2. Phase population

    To begin the actual work on creating business services, you must add planned business services to phases. It creates an association between business services and their phases, which helps to manage creating business services. In our example, you add all business services used by the EMEA office to the EMEA phase.

  3. Creation of actual business services during planning

    You create each business service individually even if you simultaneously added multiple business services to the phase. During this stage, an administrator responsible for planning business services collects data and runs the mapping process. Then a staff member who is familiar with the infrastructure and applications reviews mapping results for correctness and approves the newly created business service.

    Going through these actions may take a long time. As a rule, a phase contains planned business services at different stages depending on how much progress you were able to make.

Figure 1. Planning flow for business services
Stages of planning and creating business services