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MID Server configuration for Service Mapping

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MID Server configuration for Service Mapping

Configure Service Mapping and MID Servers to work together.

MID Servers, which are located in the enterprise private network, facilitate communication between servers on the network and some ServiceNow applications, such as Service Mapping, Discovery, and Service Analytics .

The number of MID Servers that you require and where you place them depends on your organization needs. If you want to map devices and applications inside your private network, place the MID Servers inside the private network. If you want to map devices and applications located in the DMZ, place the MID Servers both in the DMZ and inside the private network.

In Service Mapping and Discovery, devices and applications are referred to as configuration items (CIs).

In deployments where domain separation is enabled and domains are configured to form a hierarchy, MID Servers must be placed in the lowest domain level, a "leaf domain."

Once MID Servers are installed, configure them to work with Service Mapping for the best discovery results.