Authentication failure in an Exchange activity

This example uses the Create Mailbox activity to illustrate troubleshooting authentication failure in PowerShell.

Before you begin

Role required: Permissions to access and create mailboxes on the Exchange server


  1. Validate that the account you are using has the proper permissions to run the PowerShell activity.
  2. Log on to a machine that has the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) installed.
  3. Create a user using the New-mailbox Exchange commandlet.
    Figure 1. Creating a new user in Exchange
    Creating a new user in Exchange
    If this procedure is successful under the specified credential, the following is the likely cause of the failure:
    • User name is invalid.
    • Password entered incorrectly.
    • Exchange server is unreachable.
  4. If the Exchange server is unreachable, examine the MID Server logs.
    Because the Exchange activities use WinRM to access the Exchange server, the logs can provide more troubleshooting information.
    Note: Ensure that the error is NOT WinRM cannot process the request.