Authentication failure in an Active Directory activity

This example uses the Create AD Object activity to illustrate troubleshooting authentication failure in PowerShell.

Before you begin

Role required: Permissions to access and create accounts on Active Directory

About this task

Validate that the account you are using has the proper permissions to run the activity.


  1. Log on to the target machine using the account under which you want to run the activity.
    Active Directory tools must be installed on this machine.
  2. Launch the Active Directory Users and Computers application.
  3. Navigate to the OU under which you want to create the Active Directory object.
  4. Attempt to create the object.
    If this procedure is successful under the specified user, the following might be the cause of the authentication failure:
    • User name is invalid.
    • Password entered incorrectly.
    • Domain controller is unreachable.
    Note: The majority of the return codes listed in the MID Server log for this error are 1s and 3s. This is because the Active Directory activities use the ADSI provider and not WMI or WinRM. An error code of 1 means the account was able to connect with the test account, but running the script failed.
    An error code of 3 means that the MID Server attempted to run the PowerShell activity under the MID Server service account but failed.