Client software distribution validation process

After SCCM deploys software to a target computer, client software distribution (CSD) detects the installation and validates its status.

Client software distribution uses the following methods for detecting software installed on the target machine:
  • Discovery: CSD is configured to leverage Discovery to detect software installations. You can run Discovery manually at any time, or by a scheduled job.
  • Microsoft SCCM Integration: You can import SCCM data into the CMDB using the features in the Integration - Microsoft SCCM plugin if Discovery is not active on the instance.
The instance uses the data gathered by Discovery or the SCCM integration plugin to populate the Software Installation [cmdb_sam_sw_install] table. To validate installations using this data, CSD runs a scheduled job called Reconcile Requested Software that uses CSD property settings. This process reconciles the software installation data accumulated in the CMDB and makes these status updates:
  • Not installed to Installed: The user has installed the requested software within the time limit configured in the sn_client_sf_dist.softwareInstallExpDays property.
  • Not installed to Status check expired: The time limit has expired for the user to install the requested software. The system stops checking for installation when the time limit expires.