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View timeline for alert groups

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View timeline for alert groups

A timeline format that displays alerts and alert groups that correspond to the alerts and alert groups currently visible in the list view in the alerts console.

About this task

A line of blue dots at the top of the timeline view represent all the alerts displayed in the list view, and all the alerts that are included in the alert groups displayed in the list view. Alert groups and alert bubbles are displayed underneath across a timeline, according to the update time of the alerts.


  1. Navigate to Event Management > Alert Console.
  2. Enable Group Timeline and do any of the following:
    • Double-click a group name in an alert group in the timeline view to display the set of alerts within the group. For details about the alert form, see View alert information.
    • Hover over a blue dotted alert, or over an alerts bubble in a group to display further details.
    • Zoom into alert groups to change the time granularity of the timeline. Drag the mouse over a collection of alert groups or blue dotted alerts to highlight the area of the timeline to zoom into.
    • Use one of the time presets to display alerts from a certain period such as alerts from the past 7 days.
    • Click an alerts bubble to open the Grouped Alerts dialog box which displays the individual alerts in the group. This view is equivalent to clicking a group in the list view.
    • Page through the list view to display the timeline for another set of alerts and groups.