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Provide feedback for an alert group

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Provide feedback for an alert group

As you view the details of an automated alert group, you can provide feedback about the accuracy and usefulness of the group. This feedback can help future analysis, and over time, accumulated feedback continues to improve the accuracy of alert aggregation.

Before you begin

Role required: evt_mgmt_user

To ensure that the feedback is used for aggregation of automated alert groups, the property sa_analytics.agg.query_customer_feedback_enabled must be set to true.

About this task

To create Service Analytics automated alert groups, aggregation algorithms rely partly on historical data in the alert knowledge base from similar past events. As alerts continue to be generated and processed, data is collected and incorporated into the alert knowledge base for future analysis.

Feedback provided on the accuracy and helpfulness of an automated alert group will be incorporated into future analysis. Service Analytics tracks manual addition and removal of alerts from automated alert groups for which feedback was provided. The next time that the same types of alerts are encountered with similar time correlation - this feedback is taken into account and Service Analytics automatically repeats the addition or removal actions that were previously applied manually.


  1. Navigate to Event Management > Alert Console.
  2. Locate the group for which you want to provide feedback, and double-click the link in its Group column to open the Grouped Alerts dialog box.
  3. Examine the alerts that are included in the group.
  4. Based on your analysis of the accuracy and helpfulness of this group, respond Yes or No to the question Was this group helpful?.