Configure automatic actions for alerts and incidents

Event Management can perform additional actions after alerts or incidents close, reopen, or age.

Before you begin

Role required: evt_mgmt_admin or evt_mgmt_operator

About this task

You can set properties to allow Event Management to:
  • Specify how incidents are handled after an associated alert closes or reopens.
  • Automatically close aging alerts.
  • Specify how alerts are handled after an associated incident is resolved.


  1. Navigate to Event Management > Settings > Properties.
  2. Edit the following properties, as appropriate.
    • Acknowledge an alert when manually closing it (evt_mgmt.alert_ack_on_close)
    • Closing alerts will (evt_mgmt.alert_closes_incident)
    • Reopening alerts will (evt_mgmt.alert_reopens_incident)
    • Auto close interval (in hours), within which open alerts will be automatically closed; Setting to 0 disables the feature (evt_mgmt.alert_auto_close_interval)
    • Resolving an incident closes the associated alerts (evt_mgmt.incident_closes_alert)
  3. Click Save.