Tables installed with Service Analytics

Service Analytics adds the following tables.

For additional tables that are shared between Service Analytics and Event Management, see Tables installed with Event Management.

Table Description
SA RCA Status


Information (such as IDs) for the latest messages that were sent to the ECC Queue for a service during RCA.
SA RCA Output

[sa_rca_output ]

RCA learner output data.
SA RCA Group


Automated alert groups for the RCA query.
SA Analytics Alert Staging

[sa_analytics_alert ]

Staging table for alerts used for analytics.
SA RCA Input


Input data for the RCA learner.
SA Analytics Status


Last run information to be used for alert aggregation and RCA.
SA RCA Group Alert

[sa_rca_group_alert ]

Alerts associated with automated alert groups.
SA RCA Service Configuration Item Association


Associations between CIs and services.
SA RCA SMC Config Base


State Model Configuration base.

User defined RCA configurations. Each configuration is associated with one or more rules in the SA RCA SMC Rule Base [sa_rca_smc_rule_base] table, if applies.

SA RCA SMC Rule Base


Service Analytics (SA) Root Cause Analysis (RCA) State Model.

Individual rules that are associated with RCA configuration in the SA RCA SMC Config Base [sa_rca_smc_config_base] table.



RCA Configuration revisions table.

Snapshots of RCA configurations generated during configuration comparisons.



Service Analytics (SA) Root Cause Analysis (RCA) State Model.

Snapshots of the rules associated with RCA configurations from the SA RCA SMC Config [sa_rca_smc_config] table.

SA RCA SMC Deployment


Information about the current revision of the RCA configuration that is in effect, and the RCA configuration that is set to be deployed at the next daily run cycle of the Learner.


RCA SMC (State Model Configuration) Run table.

All comparisons between two RCA configurations that the user ran.

SA Alert Aggregation Learned Pattern


Learned patterns from alert aggregation.
SA Alert Aggregation Learned Pattern Elements


CI/Metric Name pairs associated with learned patterns.
SA Alert Aggregation Query Group Patterns


Relationships between groups discovered in alert aggregation queries and patterns found in learning.
SA Alert Aggregation Query -- Staged (Recent) Alerts


A staging table for alerts that have not yet been associated with any automated alert group.
SA Value Report

[sa_value_report table]

Details for the Value Report. Trending information about alert coverage rate, alert compression rate, and user feedback on alert groups.
SA Agg Pattern Attribute

[sa_agg_pattern_attribute table]

CI/alert attributes to be used for finding patterns for alert aggregation.
SA Alert Attribute Populator Status

[sa_alert_attribute_populator_status table]

State and statistics for attribute populator job.