Scheduled jobs installed with Service Analytics

Service Analytics adds the following scheduled jobs.

Name Description
Service Analytics Purge Old Observation Data - Daily Cleans the staging data.
Service Analytics Prepare RCA Learner Input Data - Daily Prepares RCA input data. Stores and probes MID server to learn statistical information about alerts.
Service Analytics group alerts using RCA/Alert Aggregation Applies RCA and alert aggregation to open alerts and prepares automated alert groups.
Service Analytics Alert Aggregation Learner - Daily Learns information about existing alerts and groups new open alerts.
Service Analytics RCA Configuration Configures root cause analysis.
Service Analytics Check File System Space on Analytics MID -Daily Checks disk usage on the dedicated MID Server, and generates an event if it exceeds the threshold set in the sa_analytics.rca.mid_max_allowed_space property.
Service Analytics Gather Value Report Data - Daily Gathers data for the Value Report.
Service Analytics - Update virtual alerts for aggregation groups Update the virtual alerts that were created to represent alert aggregation groups, with any changes to alerts belonging to that group. Runs every minute.
Service Analytics Attribute Populator for Historical Alerts Populate attributes used in feature identifier for historical alert data using event rules. Runs on demand.