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Value Report

The Service Analytics Value Report consists of three sections, displaying metrics about alert coverage in data analysis and its efficiency in terms of alert group correlation. You can use that data to determine which incidents need to be created.

  • Select a preset time period for the report.
  • Drag the time slider to select the period of time for the report. Or, use the right or left handle of the time slider to extend or shorten the time period for the report.
  • Hover over a report to display more data about a specific point of time in the report.

Alert Coverage

Displays the total number and percentage of alerts that are grouped into automated alert groups. Based on that, you can evaluate the number and percentage of alerts that were left out, and not included in any automated alert group. Higher percentage rates indicate a more efficient analysis in which higher percentage of alerts are found to correlate with each other, likely generated due to the same problem.

The formula for this report is: Grouped Alerts/Total Number of Alerts

Alert Group Compression

Displays the effectiveness of grouping alerts into automated alert groups, calculating the number of groups being formed in relation to the number of alerts that were not grouped. Higher compression rates indicate an efficient correlation of alerts, and a more accurate mapping of automated alert groups to incidents. Higher compression rates indicates a smaller total number of automated alert groups, and fewer incidents to be created.

The formula for the report is: (1 – ((No. of Groups + No. of Ungrouped Alerts) / Total No. of Alerts))

Alert Group Feedback

Displays a summary of feedback that was provided for automated alert groups. The report displays the total number of groups for which positive and negative feedback was provided, and the number of groups for which no feedback was provided.