Run the vCenter Event Processor extension

Run this extension in the MID Server module.

  1. Navigate to MID Server > Extensions > vCenter Event Collectors.
  2. Open an existing extension.
  3. In Related Links, the following actions may be run against the vCenter Event Processor extension.
    Table 1. Commands available in the vCenter event processor extension
    Related Link Description
    Start Starts the collector if it is currently not running. The extension connects to the specified vCenter server by enumerating the VMware credentials in the credential set until a connection can be made. Next, the extension tells the vCenter server to supply the events specified in the Collector Context.
    Stop Stops the running collector on the configured MID Server. No action is taken if the extension is not running.
    Restart Stops, then starts the collector on the configured MID Server.
    Test Tests the parameters for validity. If the IP address, hostname, and the set of events is valid then the test returns a successful status. If any of the parameters are incorrect, an error is shown. Running a test does not affect any extensions that are currently running.
    Update parameters Sends updated parameters to the collector. Any changes you make to the collector while the MID Server is running do not take effect immediately when they are saved. If you click this control when the collector is not running, no update is made.

    In the case of the vCenter extension, the collector first tests the parameters for validity. If the parameters are valid, the extension disconnects from the vCenter server and reconnects with the new parameters.