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Find the cause of a sensor error message

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Find the cause of a sensor error message

Use this procedure to identify a Discovery sensor error.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

This process requires that you identify the following:
  • The error.
  • The name of the sensor where the error occurred.
  • The datestamp of the error.
  • The associated stack trace of the error.


  1. Navigate to Discovery > Discovery Log.
  2. To find the error, filter on the Level name of Error.
    You can also view the error and the date stamp in the Error Report on the Discovery dashboard.
  3. Note the Created field of the error record.
    This timestamp is used to find the proper stack trace.
  4. Note the Short Message field of the error record.
    This field shows the name of the sensor where the error has occurred. In this example, a generic sensor error occurred in the SMI – Fiber Channel Switch sensor at 4:03 on 10-24-2014.
    Figure 1. Error message in fiber channel switch sensor
    In this example, a sensor TypeError occurred in the Windows – Installed Software sensor.
    Figure 2. Error message in installed software sensor for Windows
  5. To find the stack trace, navigate to System Logs > Errors.
  6. Search for the date and time that matches the value in the Created field of the error record in the discovery log.
  7. The Message field of that entry contains the full stack trace of the error.
    The stack trace contains the error message, the sys_id of the script, and the line number where the error occurred. This stack trace shows the following errors:
    • Line 1 and 2: There was a JavaScript evaluation error on new DiscoverySmiFcSwitchSensor().
    • Line 3: The Ci.controller variable is undefined.
    • Line 4: This script_includes line indicates the sysid 7780111 ... d768 and the error occurred at approximately line 26 of the JavaScript file.
    Figure 3. Stack trace
  8. After determining the error details, you can fix the JavaScript file.