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Configure Discovery identity sensors

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Configure Discovery identity sensors

If you customize an identify multi-probe, you can also configure a multi-sensor for it.

Before you begin

Role required: discovery_admin, admin

About this task

These multi-sensors pass the data returned by the identity probes to the Discovery identifiers. The identifiers then search the CMDB for matching CIs. When the identity of a device is resolved, the identifiers pass the result state for the device to the multi-sensors, which react accordingly, either by launching exploration probes or stopping Discovery for that device.


  1. Navigate to Discovery Definition > Sensors.
  2. Select an existing identity multi-sensors from the list.
    Note: To avoid confusion, the multi-sensors provided in the instance must have the same names as their matching multi-probes.

    The Responds to Probes related list shows the simple probes which pass their data to this multi-sensors. These are the same simple probes that appear in the Includes Probes list in the matching multi-probes record.

  3. Click the Script link for each probe in the list to see the script that the multi-sensors runs to process the data from the probe.


What to do next

Run a discovery through the Discovery Schedule to search for CIs and verify that they are identified correctly in the CMDB.