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vCenter probe upgrade

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vCenter probe upgrade

The VMware - vCenter probe that discovered all vCenter objects in previous releases is deprecated in the Istanbul release and replaced by multiple probes.

Upgrade changes

In upgraded systems, the vCenter process classifier and the vmapp port probe are configured to trigger the VMware - vCenter Datacenters probe. This probe then triggers the probes that discover individual vCenter objects such as hosts, storage, and datastores. The legacy probe, VMware - vCenter, is still in the system but is not triggered to run in the updated instance.

Available vCenter probes and probe parameters

vCenter probe parameters allow you to disable the probes for the objects you are not interested in discovering. You can also reduce the size of a probe's payload by specifying a page size.
Important: Before disabling a probe, be aware of any dependencies that proble might have. If the probe you disable triggers another probe, the dependent probe is also disabled, and cannot collect data.
Figure 1. Relationship of vCenter elements to probe parameters
Relationship of vCenter elements to probe parameters

Consider the following when setting these parameters:

  • Disable: You disable a probe by setting the parameter in the triggering probe. For example, if you are not interested in discovering storage, set the disable_host_storage_probe parameter to true in the VMWare - vCenter ESX Hosts probe.
  • Page size: Page size parameters control the number of CIs to discover with a single probe. Use this parameter to limit payload size by reducing the number of vCenter elements discovered at a time by any probe. The page size expressed in parentheses is the default in the base system.
  • Debug: Set the debug parameter in the VMWare - vCenter Datacenters probe to allow debugging for all the vCenter probes. Debugging returns the raw vCenter data in each probe payload.
These parameters are available for vCenter probes.
Table 1. vCenter probe parameters
Probe Parameters
VMWare - vCenter Datacenters
  • debug (applies to all probes)
  • disable_vm_probe
  • disable_network_probe
  • disable_datastore_probe
  • disable_cluster_probe
VMWare - vCenter VMs
  • disable_vm_nic_probe
  • page_size (500)
VMWare - vCenter VM NICs none
VMWare - vCenter Networks page_size (500)
VMWare - vCenter Datastores page_size (500)
VMWare - vCenter Clusters
  • disable_host_probe
  • page_size (1000)
VMWare - vCenter ESX Hosts
  • disable_host_storage_probe
  • page_size (350)
VMWare - vCenter ESX Hosts Storage page_size (175)

Preserving your customizations

If you have customized the VMware - vCenter probe in an earlier version, your changes are not applied, because this probe is ignored, starting with the Istanbul release. Retain the customized behavior is to modify the appropriate probe in the upgraded system. If you prefer, you can reconfigure your instance to launch the legacy probe that contains your customizations.

To revert to the VMware - vCenter probe:
  1. Navigate to Discovery Definition > Port Probes and select vmapp.
  2. In the vmapp record, select VMware - vCenter in the Triggers probe field, and then click Update.
  3. Navigate to Discovery Definition > CI Classification > Process and select vCenter.
  4. In the Triggers probes related list, change the condition for VMwareProbe-VMware - vCenter to true and the condition for VMWareProbe-VMWare - vCenter Datacenters to false.
  5. Click Update.