ESX data collected by Discovery

When Discovery detects the vCenter process running on a host machine, it launches exploration probes to gather typical server CI data as well as data specific to ESX servers.

Basic server data

Basic server data from ESX hosts is collected by the VMware - vCenter ESX Hosts probe.

Table 1. Data collected by Discovery on ESX hosts
Label Table Name Field Name
Operating System cmdb_ci_esx_server os
OS Version cmdb_ci_computer os_version
Short description cmdb_ci_esx_server short_description
Name cmdb_ci_esx_server name
DNS domain cmdb_ci_esx_server dns_domain
Start date cmdb_ci_esx_server start_date
Manufacturer cmdb_ci_computer manufacturer
Serial number cmdb_ci_computer serial_number
CPU type cmdb_ci_esx_server cpu_type
CPU speed (MHz) cmdb_ci_esx_server cpu_speed
CPU count cmdb_ci_esx_server cpu_count
CPU core count cmdb_ci_computer cpu_core_count
CPU core thread cmdb_ci_computer cpu_core_thread
CPU manufacturer cmdb_ci_esx_server cpu_manufacturer
Model number cmdb_ci_computer model_number
Model ID cmdb_ci_computer model_id
RAM (MB) cmdb_ci_esx_server ram
Disk space (GB) cmdb_ci_esx_server disk_space
Type cmdb_ci_disk type
Model ID cmdb_ci_disk model_id
Disk space (GB) cmdb_ci_disk disk_space
Name cmdb_ci_disk name
Name cmdb_ci_network_adapter name
IP address cmdb_ci_network_adapter ip_address
MAC address cmdb_ci_network_adapter mac_address
Netmask cmdb_ci_network_adapter netmask
Default gateway cmdb_ci_hardware default_gateway
Managed object reference ID Visualization Server [cmdb_ci_virtualization_server] morid
Serial Number Serial Number [cmdb_serial_number] serial_number

Relationships collected

Discovery collects the following relationship data for ESX servers.
Table 2. Relationships
Base Class Relationship Dependent Class
ESX Resource Pool [cmdb_ci_esx_resource_pool] Defines resources for ESX Server [cmdb_ci_esx_server]
ESX Server [cmdb_ci_esx_server] Gets resources from ESX Resource Pool [cmdb_ci_esx_resource_pool]
Virtual Machine Instance [cmdb_ci_vm_instance] Registered on ESX Server [cmdb_ci_esx_server]
ESX Server [cmdb_ci_esx_server] Has registered Virtual Machine Instance [cmdb_ci_vm_instance]
VMware vCenter Instance [cmdb_ci_vcenter] Manages ESX Server [cmdb_ci_esx_server]
ESX Server [cmdb_ci_esx_server] Managed by VMware vCenter Instance [cmdb_ci_vcenter