Tomcat server discovery

Discovery identifies and classifies information about Tomcat servers and Web applications.

Discovery can identify and classify Web applications present in either the CATALINA_BASE directory or the CATALINA_HOME directory.

Data collected

The classifier that finds Tomcat server processes uses the condition: Parameters contains org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap.

Table 1. Data collected by Discovery on Tomcat servers
Label Table name Field name Source
Server port cmdb_ci_app_server_tomcat server_port server.xml
Version cmdb_ci_app_server_tomcat version
Tomcat cmdb_ci_tomcat_connector tomcat server.xml
Port cmdb_ci_tomcat_connector port server.xml
App server cmdb_ci_web_service app_server Internal reference
Description cmdb_ci_web_application short_description web.xml
Document base cmdb_ci_web_application document_base web.xml
App server cmdb_ci_web_application app_server web.xml
Table 2. Relationships created
Parent class Relationship Child class
cmdb_ci_app_server_tomcat Contains::Contained by cmdb_ci_web_application