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Data collected by Discovery on Apache web servers

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Data collected by Discovery on Apache web servers

Discovery identifies and classifies information about Apache web servers.

Starting in Fuji, Discovery can find information about Apache Web Servers. The Unix - Active Processes probe captures the following information for Apache web servers. When the Apache web server process is detected during discovery, if the mod_jk module or the Apache mod_proxy module is running on the target Apache web server, additional probes trigger for each module. The probes gather configuration parameters from each module configuration for additional sensor processing.

Table 1. Data Collected by Discovery on Apache Web Servers
Label Table Name Field Name Source Probe
Name cmdb_ci_apache_web_server name apcfg Apache – Get Configuration
Version cmdb_ci_apache_web_server version httpd Apache – Version
Description cmdb_ci_apache_web_server short_description httpd Apache – Get Configuration