Data collected by Discovery on AIX computers

Discovery identifies and classifies information about AIX computers.

Label Table Name Field Name Source
Operating System cmdb_ci_computer os uname
OS version cmdb_ci_computer os_version oslevel
OS service pack cmdb_ci_computer os_service_pack oslevel
Short description cmdb_ci_aix_server short_description uname
Name cmdb_ci_aix_server name DNS, NBT
Hostname cmdb_ci_aix_server host_name DNS, NBT
DNS domain cmdb_ci_aix_server dns_domain DNS
Start date cmdb_ci_aix_server start_date uptime
CPU type cmdb_ci_computer cpu_type lsdev, lsattr
CPU speed (MHz) cmdb_ci_computer cpu_speed lsdev, lsattr
CPU count cmdb_ci_computer cpu_count lsdev, lsattr
Manufacturer cmdb_ci_aix_server manufacturer lsattr
Model ID cmdb_ci_aix_server model_id lsattr
RAM (MB) cmdb_ci_computer ram lsdev, lsattr
Name cmdb_ci_file_system name df
Capacity (MB) cmdb_ci_file_system capacity df
Available Space (MB) cmdb_ci_file_system available_space df
Mount point cmdb_ci_file_system mount_point df
Name cmdb_ci_patches name instfix
Name cmdb_running_process name ps
Command cmdb_running_process command ps
Connects to cmdb_running_process connects_to lsof
Listening on cmdb_running_process listening_on lsof
Type cmdb_running_process type ps
PID cmdb_running_process pid ps
Parameters cmdb_running_process parameters ps
Name cmdb_ci_network_adapter name ifconfig, netstat
IP address cmdb_ci_network_adapter ip_address ifconfig, netstat
MAC address cmdb_ci_network_adapter mac_address ifconfig, netstat
Netmask cmdb_ci_network_adapter netmask ifconfig, netstat