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CIM probe

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CIM probe

The CIM probe uses WBEM protocols to query a particular CIM server, the CIM Object Manager, for a set of data objects and properties.

For instructions on configuring probe parameters, see Set probe parameters.

The following parameters may be passed to the CIM probe:

Table 1. CIM Probe
Parameter Description Default Value
source [Required] The initial host to connect to. None
port The port to connect to. If empty, the value is determined by the "schema" parameter: http = 5988, https = 5989. 5988 or 5989
schema [Required] The schema to use: '"http"' or '"https"'. http
namespace [Required] The CIM namespace. May be overridden by a query. None
queries [Required] A semicolon-delimited list of CIM probe queries to process and return results for. None
retries The number of times to retry a query if it fails due to network connectivity issues. 2
connection_timeout The number of milliseconds the probe has to connect to a server. 5000
socket_timeout The number of milliseconds the probe has to read data. 5000

The CIM Intermediate Query Language (CimIQL) uses keys, filters, and dot-walking to traverse the CIM schema.

Parameter Expansion

The CIM query language supports standard SNC preprocessed probe parameter expansion. Place variables in queries by encapsulating their names like this:


The text ${foobar} is replaced with the contents of the foobarprobe parameter passed to the CIM probe; likewise for barfoo.


The CIM Intermediate Query Language (CimIQL) is an intermediate language designed to simplify the process of querying CIM providers.

CimIQL currently supports the standard Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) protocol stack, but others, such as Web Services-Management (WS-MAN), may be added in the future. The query language syntax borrows from elements of Microsoft's WMI query language and UNIX's wbemcli command. The CimIQL library is a pure Java implementation.

Note: CimIQL is pronounced "simicle".