Docker table schema

The Docker tables are installed with the Discovery plugin and extend tables used to store data on the operating-system-level virtualization (OSLV) engine.

Docker tables

Table Description
Docker Engine [cmdb_ci_docker_engine] Stores instances of the Docker engine.
Docker Image [cmdb_ci_docker_image] Stores the globally unique representation of Docker images.
Docker Local Image [cmdb_ci_docker_local_image] Stores local instances of Docker images.
Docker Image Tag [cmdb_ci_docker_image_tag] Stores tags from local Docker images.
Docker Container [cmdb_ci_docker_container] Stores Docker containers found on the host.

Relationships created

Discovery stores these relationships in the CI Relationship [cmdb_rel_ci table]:
  • cmdb_ci_server Runs::RunsOn cmdb_ci_docker_engine
  • cmdb_ci_docker_engine Manages::ManagedBy cmdb_ci_docker_container
  • cmdb_ci_docker_engine Manages::ManagedBy cmdb_ci_docker_local_image
  • cmdb_ci_docker_container Instantiates::InstantiatedBy cmdb_ci_docker_local_image
  • cmdb_ci_docker_image_tag RegisteredOn::HasRegistered cmdb_ci_docker_local_image
  • cmdb_ci_docker_local_image Instantiates::InstantiatedBy cmdb_ci_docker_image

Parent and child relationships

This diagram shows the relationship of the parent CI tables to the OSLV and Docker dependent tables.