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Load balancer: Cisco CSS

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Load balancer: Cisco CSS

Discovery of Cisco CSS load balancers is performed by SNMP.


Discovery uses the Cisco CSS Load Balancer classifier, which contains the OID Classification: .


The following probes are triggered:
Probe Description Type
SNMP - Load Balancer - Identity A multiprobe that identifies load balancers. Java-SNMP
Cisco CSS - Get Services A Java probe that includes the Cisco CSS sensor to identify services defined on the load balancer in the Load Balancer Services [cmdb_ci_lb_service] table. For every service, Discovery populates Name, ip_address and port. Java-SNMP


Discovery creates a record for each CSS device in the Cisco CSS [cmdb_ci_lb_cisco_css] table, which includes the device's Name, Model, Serial Number, Manufacture, and NIC (ip_address). It also creates a record for each service in the Load Balancer Services [cmdb_ci_lb_service] table.