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Discovery status timelines

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Discovery status timelines

A Discovery Timeline generates a graphical display of the Discovery Status records for a Discovery, including information about each probe and sensor running.

What timelines display

Use Discovery Timelines to display the following:
  • The flow of probes and sensors through a Discovery
  • The duration of each probe and sensor that ran during a Discovery and the proportion of time required for queuing and processing
  • Tooltips containing additional data about a probe or sensor
  • Records from the ECC Queue

Viewing timelines

View timelines for an entire Discovery or for individual devices in a Discovery. In the out-of-box system, the maximum size Discovery that can be displayed in a timeline is 300 entries in the ECC Queue (150 probes and 150 sensors). To display larger discoveries, change the default setting in the glide.discovery.timeline.max.entries property.

Probe and sensor timelines are available automatically when Discovery starts. Partial timelines for any device or for the entire Discovery can be viewed during the scanning process. View the progress of the Discovery by refreshing the browser.

View a Discovery timeline

A Discovery Timeline generates a graphical display of the Discovery Status records for a Discovery, including information about each probe and sensor running.

About this task


  1. Navigate to Discovery > Status.
  2. Select a Discovery from the record list.
  3. Click the Show Discovery Timeline Related Link.
    Figure 1. Discovery Timeline Related Link

    The timeline for the entire Discovery appears, unless the size threshold is exceeded. If the timeline is too large to display, an error message appears.

  4. Clear the warning, and then select the Devices Related List.
  5. Click the IP address of a device.
  6. In the Device record, click the Show Discovery Timeline Related Link.
    The Discovery timeline for that device appears.
    Figure 2. Discovery Timeline
  7. Use the pink slider at the bottom of the timeline to change the perspective.
    1. Move the slider from right to left to view all the tasks on a long timeline.
    2. Adjust the end points of the slider to change the magnification. A narrow slider zooms in on the spans and provides a more detailed view of complex timelines. A wide slider pulls the view out and makes more of the timeline visible on the screen.
  8. Use the selector range at the top of the screen to adjust the visible time frame. To limit the timeline to the length of the Discovery, click Max.

    The time scale adjusts automatically to the length of the Discovery. The available time scale range is from one day to 1 year.


    Discovery timelines display probe and sensor performance data and CI information in tooltips. Hover the cursor over a span to view this data. Probes are displayed by black spans. The queue time for a probe is shown as a silver bar within the span, and the processing time is represented by the remaining space. Sensor spans are red, and the queue time is shown as a green bar. Selected spans of any type display in yellow.
    Figure 3. Discovery Timeline Shazzam Sensor

    ECC Queue

    Double-click a span to open the ECC Queue record for that probe or sensor.
    Figure 4. Discovery Timeline ECC Queue