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Discovery customization

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Discovery customization

You can customize how Discovery works in your environment.

Cancel sensor transaction by duration

By default, this rule cancels the sensor transaction if it takes more than 20 minutes to complete.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

If the Discovery sensor transaction takes more than 20 minutes to complete, the following actions occur:
  • The associated ECC Queue input record is set to the error state.
  • The Discovery Status Completed Count is updated.
  • An error message is logged, for example:
    Sensor error when processing Linux - Storage: Transaction cancelled: maximum execution time exceeded
  • The remainder of the discovery continues to run.

    This behavior is provided by the Discovery Sensors Transaction Quota Rule. This rule is active by default.

    You can disable the rule and you can modify the amount of time that has elapsed before the rule takes effect. Accessing this record requires the admin role.


  1. To disable the rule, navigate to System Definition > Quota Rules.
    The Transaction Quotas plugin must be active.
  2. Search on the name *Discovery to filter the list of rules.
  3. In the name column, click Discovery Sensors.
  4. To modify the amount of time, edit the Maximum Duration field of the rule.
    The value is in seconds.

Turn off collection of port data for SNMP network devices

In some environments you may not want to collect the port data for SNMP network devices.

About this task

If the network devices contain an extremely large number of ports and each individual port's information is not critical to the overall management of the devices, you may not want to collect the port data for SNMP network devices.


  1. Navigate to DiscoveryDiscoveryDefinition Probes.
  2. Go to the SNMP - Switching probe.
  3. In the SNMP Fields tab, find the field named ports. Double-click the value in the Active column. Change the value to false.
  4. Click the check mark to save the change.