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Discovery configuration

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Discovery configuration

Configure the elements that Discovery needs to investigate your network, such as credentials, schedules, and IP addresses.

Discovery can run on a regular, configurable schedule or can be launched manually. A discovery over a specified IP address range which tells the Discovery application which specific devices to investigate. To retrieve useful information, Discovery needs credentials (usually a user name and password pair) for devices within a particular range so that Discovery can connect to and run various probes on the devices it finds. Discovery compares the devices it finds with configuration items (CI) in the CMDB and updates any matching devices. If Discovery does not find a matching CI in the CMDB, it creates a CI.

Discovery configuration procedures

Use the following links to configure Discovery for your environment. You do not need to perform all these procedures to run a Discovery. The platform provides many defaults you can use to explore your network that are suitable for most discoveries. To get started quickly with Discovery, you can use Guided Setup, which expedites the setup of a basic Discovery.