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Create a custom VM naming script

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Create a custom VM naming script

Cloud admins can use a custom script to automatically generate names for any virtual machine requested by their users.

About this task

Whenever a VM is instantiated, it is initially given a name generated using a combination of the cloud provider name, requestor information, and an identifying number. Cloud admins can customize this naming scheme by creating and uploading a special VM naming script for each approved image.


  1. Approve an image to be used for catalog offerings, per the directions for that cloud provider.
    Cloud ProviderDirections
    AWS Approve images for AWS catalog items
    Azure Approve images for Azure catalog items
    VMware Create a catalog item for VMware
  2. Navigate to the list of catalog offerings.
    Cloud ProviderNavigate to
    AWS Amazon AWS Cloud > Approved Images
    Azure Microsoft Azure Cloud > Approved Images
    VMware VMware Cloud > Available Images (Templates)
  3. Click the gear icon to Update Personalized List.
  4. From the Available list, select VM namer script, and move it to the Selected list.
  5. Click OK.
    The new column appears with the default entry VMnamer.
  6. Click on the VMnamer entry to bring up the script editing page.
  7. Modify the script as desired, and provide a new name and a short description for the script in the appropriate fields.
  8. Make sure that the Active checkbox is selected to enable use of this script, then click Update.
    Once the script is update, the auto-generated names for any new VMs created from this image take on the naming scheme outlined in the new script. Names for existing VMs remain unchanged.