Change State activity input variables

These variables determine the behavior of the activity.

Field Description
Account Select the name of the Amazon EC2 account from which this instance was created.
  • Start Instances
  • Stop Instances
  • Reboot Instances
  • Use scratchpad variables
Instances Amazon VMs whose state you want to change. Define multiple instances with a comma-delimited list of instance IDs. If one instance in a list of instances fails, the entire request fails. For example, if you attempt to stop 5 instances, and one instance is not an EBS volume, none of the instances will stop.
Region Amazon EC2 region that is hosting the instance. Access a scratchpad pad variable for the region by adding ${workflow.scratchpad.region} to the field.
Sensor script The script to execute after the request is made and a response is received. You can access the full XML response body from the activity.output object. The script also populates the instances variable.