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Customizing your Cloud Management service

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Customizing your Cloud Management service

Virtualization extension points allow you to customize Cloud Management Provider operations, such as ESXi hosts, datastores, datacenters, and IP selections.

The Cloud Management application provides integration solutions with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and VMware. In addition to the provider-specific integrations, the solutions use a common set of features and models, for example, the process of creating a service catalog item, change approval, provisioning, reporting, and so on. You can use the generic framework to integrate another provider by implementing extension points for provider-specific logic and using common functionalities.

You can customize the Virtual Machine Request, VM Creation, and VMware Provision workflows by providing extension keys to the workflows that manage VM provisioning.

Add a record here to add a new Provider Add Extension Keys to refer to extensions points called by the provisioning workflow Add a (custom) provisioning workflow (extension points will be called from here) Add a (custom) catalog item handler script