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Delete stale VM data

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Delete stale VM data

To prevent your ServiceNow instance from becoming overloaded with unused or expired resources, maintain your resource list by scheduling automated cleanup of stale VM data.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin or admin

About this task

When a stack or resource is terminated, no data pertaining to the resource is actually deleted from the ServiceNow instance. The data is kept to record all instances and resources that have ever been instantiated on the cloud provider accounts linked to Cloud Management. When a resource is terminated, the status of that resource and its related underlying items is changed to one of the following statuses:
Terminated Deleted through the ServiceNow Cloud Management interface.
None Deleted directly through with the cloud provider, and found via Discovery.

To delete these stale resources, you can configure properties to enable automatic pruning (permanent deletion) of stale records after a set number of days.


  1. Navigate to Cloud Management > Administration > Properties.
  2. Change the following properties:
    Enable automatic pruning of cloud records Activates the scheduled job which triggers cleaning of records. This property is disabled by default.
    Number days for pruning cloud table records (Days) Sets number of days at which to delete a record. Default value is 396.
  3. Click Save.