Configure the credential identifier for AWS

Configure your instance to obtain credentials from a remote repository.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin

Verify that the External Credential Storage plugin and Amazon Web Services plugin have been activated and the MID server has been installed.

About this task

These procedures assume that you already have an external repository configured with the credentials you want to protect. The credential identifier configured in the ServiceNow instance must be mapped to the actual credential in the repository through the JAR file.


  1. Navigate to Amazon AWS Cloud > Configuration > Accounts.
  2. Select the appropriate account.
  3. In the AWS Credentials related list, click New and fill in the form, as appropriate.
    Table 1. AWS Credentials
    Field Description
    Name A unique and descriptive name for this credential. For example, Amazon Web Services.
    Active Check box to enable or disable the credential.
    AWS Account Master AWS account to which this credential belongs.
    External credential store Select this check box to use an external credential storage system. When you select this checkbox, the Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key fields disappear and are replaced by Credential ID and MID servers.
    Credential ID Enter the Name as stored in CyberArk.
    MID servers Select one or more MID Servers.
  4. Click Submit.