VM provisioning overview

The process of provisioning a virtual machine involves a combination of automated and manual tasks.

  1. Cloud operators fulfill provisioning requests from users.
    Provisioning procedures and responsibilities are described in these pages:
    • Amazon EC2 Approvals and Provisioning for Cloud Provisioning
    • Approving and Provisioning VMware Requests for Cloud Provisioning
  2. Fulfill user requests for modifications to existing virtual machines, such as increased memory or data disk size, and for lease extensions.
    Tip: Cloud operators also can change the state of a virtual machine to start, stop, or pause; terminate virtual machines; and take and restore to snapshots.
  3. Resolve errors that occur during provisioning or when modifying an existing virtual machine.
  4. [Optional] Configure the system to create change requests for specific modifications to VMware virtual machines requested from the My Virtual Assets portal. Examples of modifications that generate change requests are lease extensions, requests for additional memory, and requests to terminate a virtual machine.