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Change Control for Cloud Management

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Change Control for Cloud Management

A cloud administrator can configure the system to create change requests for specific modifications to virtual machines.

The administrator can specify which virtual machine categories and types of modifications require approval through a change request. For example, an organization might require project manager approval before a user can extend the lease end date or change the state of a development server. Change request approvals created in this manner are independent of the approvals required by the user who provisions and manages the virtual resources being requested.

The cloud administrator can configure change control for these actions performed on a virtual machine:
  • Extend the duration of a lease
  • Start a virtual machine
  • Stop a virtual machine
  • Terminate a virtual machine
  • Pause a virtual machine
  • Modify the specifications of a VMware server
  • Take a snapshot
  • Revert to a snapshot

Roles Required

Members of these groups can configure change control for virtual machine modifications:
  • Virtual Provisioning Cloud Administrators
  • Virtual Provisioning Cloud Operators