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Cloud Resources dashboard

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Cloud Resources dashboard

The Cloud Resources dashboard is designed as a one-stop shop for the cloud user to manage all cloud resources. Cloud users (cloud_user role) can access a role-based graphical view of the cloud resources assigned to the user or a group the user belongs to. Cloud users can perform life-cycle operations on the list view.

Navigate to Cloud Management > Cloud Resources . The following tabs appear:


Graphical reports on VMs, Volumes, and Stacks along with an Underutilized Resources report and Lease Expiration report. Interactive filters for Location, Account and Provider are available, and the reports on the page have built-in filters for Assigned to, Assignment group, and state (not empty, Terminated, or Cancelled).


Detailed list view of the VMs assigned to the user or one of the user's groups.


Detailed list view of the Volumes assigned to the user or one of the user's groups.


Detailed list view of the Stacks and Resource groups assigned to the user or one of the user's groups.

Amazon access

If the Amazon Web Services plugin is installed, this tab provides a way for the user to request AWS console access. Amazon Access also lists AWS Key-Pair requested by the cloud user.


If you are seeing a blank page:

You may see a completely blank page on the Cloud Resources portal as a result of a recent upgrade and subsequent activation of the Cloud management feature. If this has happened to you, please contact your System Administrator and request that the glide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout system property be enabled for the system. Note that enabling this property may affect dashboards in other products as well.