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Viewing and managing your cloud resources

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Viewing and managing your cloud resources

Use the Cloud Resources page to view a summary of your virtualization requests and the status of all virtual machines requested by all members of your team.

Cloud users can view the virtual machines that they ordered in the Cloud Resources page. Users with the cloud_operator role can view the virtual servers they administer in the Cloud Operations portal. Open the records for virtual resources directly from the portals to change instance specifications (CPU count, memory, or disk size) or the state of the virtual machine. The system notifies users about the status of their requested changes.

You can make these changes to your virtual servers:
  • Modify specifications
  • Update the lease
  • Stop, Start, and Pause
  • Cancel
  • Terminate
  • Take a snapshot, restore from a snapshot, and delete a snapshot

For all actions that are subject to change control, if change control is enabled, the action is added to change request page. After the change request is approved, the user must return to the virtual asset page to click link Proceed with Change under Related Lists.