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Cloud Operations portal

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Cloud Operations portal

Cloud administrators and operators (cloud_admin, cloud_operator role) can access the Cloud Operations portal to view a role-based graphical view of all cloud resources. Cloud admins and operators can perform life-cycle operations on the resources using the list view.

Navigate to Cloud Management > Cloud Operations Portal. The following tabs appear:


Graphical reports on VMs, Volumes, and Stacks along with an Underutilized Resources report and Lease Expiration report. Interactive filters for Location, Account, and Provider are available, and the reports on the page have built-in filters for Assigned to, Assignment group, and state (not empty, Terminated, or Cancelled).

Resources Displays an overview of all cloud resources, with each resource type displaying an up-to-date total that links to more detailed list view.

Lists of request items (not filtered by user) and a list of change requests.

Missing Tags

Reports on the resources missing tag value assignments.


If you are upgrading from Helsinki:

If you are activating Cloud plugins for the first time after upgrading from Helsinki, then you may see a completely blank page on both the Cloud Operations portal as well as the Cloud Resources portal. To resolve this, please contact ServiceNow Technical Support and request that the glide.cms.enable.responsive_grid_layout system property be enabled. This step is not necessary if you already had Cloud plugins activated before moving to the Istanbul release.