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Take a snapshot (on-demand)

Take a snapshot (on-demand)

An Azure snapshot is a read-only copy of a specified virtual hard disk (VHD). In addition to taking a snapshot on demand, you can schedule snapshots.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_user, cloud_operator, or cloud_admin

About this task

Note: The system auto-deletes the oldest snapshot when the Snapshot eviction policy limit is exceeded. See Configure snapshots to execute on a schedule.


  1. Open the list of VMs by navigating to Cloud Management > Cloud Resources and clicking the Compute tab.
  2. Click the VM name.
  3. lick Take Snapshot related link.
    Table 1. Take Snapshot
    Field Description
    Name Name that will be used as the label for the snapshot.
    Short description Single sentence or phrase that describes the snapshot.
    Virtual hard disk Select the VHD to take a snapshot of.
  4. Click OK.
    Note: If the VM is running, the VM is shut down at the start of the snapshot process and then restarted when the process finishes.

    If approval is not required, the system immediately takes the snapshot. If approval is required, there may be a delay while an admin approves the change. You receive email when the admin approves. After the admin approves, return to the VM Instance form and click the Proceed with Change related link.