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Request and maintain Azure resource groups

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Request and maintain Azure resource groups

As a cloud user, you can request and manage Azure resource groups from the My Virtual Assets portal. For example, you can use the draft deployment feature to make updates, request the termination of a resource group, or change the date that a lease should end.

Before you begin

Role required:
  • Users with the cloud_user role have management access to their personal cloud resources
  • Users with the cloud_admin role have management access to all cloud resources

About this task

The topics in this section describe resource groups -- collections of resources -- not individual VMs.

An Azure Resource Group is a collection of resources (Infrastructure, Networking, Managed Services, and their access control policies) that you manage as a single unit. The collection can be a database server, a database, a website and the subnets they reside in.

When you want to deploy, manage, test, and monitor them as a group, you define them within an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template(s) and manage them as a single resource group. ARM templates are declarative JSON schemas that define your deployment or changes to your deployment within a resource group. You can read more about resource groups on Microsoft's website: