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Tags improve reporting for cloud resources

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Tags improve reporting for cloud resources

Cloud admins can enrich tracking and billing data for cloud resources by configuring the system to auto-tag resources when they are provisioned. For example, when resources are tagged with a Cost Center tag, the reports can present the billing data segregated by cost center.

  • Tagging resources creates metadata in the system billing line item records that allows cloud administrators to categorize costs into bins. The tag metadata is a key/value pair, for example, Cost Center=Retail.
  • Because a cloud resource can have multiple tags, you can view cost items from multiple perspectives.
  • The system tags resources during provisioning either automatically using provisioning rules or manually when the requester provides tag values while requesting the resource.
  • Bulk tagging can be used to alter the values.
  • ServiceNow supports bulk-tagging of resources. You typically use bulk-tagging to apply tags to resources that were created outside ServiceNow Cloud Management.

The system generates a unique Tag Set ID number and applies the ID to a resource when the resource is provisioned. Along with the other tags for the resource, the system pushes the ID to the cloud provider as the value for the Tag Set tag. Tag key/value mappings are stored in the instance as references as soon as the CI is created (pre-provision). When pushed to the provider, they will use the display names of the referenced values.

Tagging allows you to track resources in several dimensions:
  • Ownership
  • Cost management
  • Business service/application relationships
  • Audit and compliance
  • Monitor account/subscription proliferation

ServiceNow Cloud Management provides the following default tags:

  • Application
  • Cost Center
  • Project
  • Service
  • User Name

A tag can have any of the following value types:

  • Constant value
  • Reference to a field of an sc_req_item
  • Service catalog variable
  • Script

CloudFormation administrators can categorize and assign metadata to cloud resources by tagging them.