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Getting started with Microsoft Azure Cloud

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Getting started with Microsoft Azure Cloud

To prepare ServiceNow Cloud Management to work with Azure, you must perform several one-time configuration tasks. The modules that support the tasks appear under Microsoft Azure Cloud > Administration.

Before you begin to configure the ServiceNow instance to work with Azure, your organization must have a Microsoft Azure subscription.

Microsoft Azure Cloud is available as a separate subscription for the ServiceNow platform and it requires the Microsoft Azure Management Application plugin ( that must be requested. For information about purchasing a subscription, see your ServiceNow account manager or sales representative.

To configure the ServiceNow instance to communicate with your Azure account, you need to:
  • Have either cloud_admin or sn_azure.admin role
  • Determine which Azure application/service principal to use to manage your subscription.
  • Obtain values for Tenant ID, Client ID, and Key fields.
For instructions on how to create your Active Directory application, go to the Microsoft Azure website and search for the document Create Active Directory application and service principal using portal. Make a note of the Azure Tenant ID, Client ID, and Key for use later in the configuration.
Note: You must grant the service principal the Contributor role for each subscription that you want to manage.


Cloud administrators are members of the Virtual Provisioning Cloud Administrators group. The Virtual Provisioning Cloud Administrators group has or inherits these roles:

  • itil
  • cloud_admin
  • cloud_operator
  • cloud_user