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View AWS account details

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View AWS account details

You can view AWS account details in related lists.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin, aws_admin


  1. Navigate to Amazon AWS Cloud > Configuration > Accounts.
  2. Select the AWS account to view.

    The following details are listed:

    • AWS Credentials
    • Discovery Schedules
    • AWS Billing Managements
    • EC2 Key Pairs
    • EC2 Images
    • EC2 Approved Image
    • Shared Image Accounts
    • EC2 Virtual Machine Instances
    • AWS VPCs
    • AWS VPCs Security Group
    • AWS Subnets
    • AWS CloudFormation Stack
    • AWS Elastic Load Balancers
    • AWS Auto Scaling Group
    • AWS Auto Scaling Group Launch Config
    • AWS Elastic Block Store Volumes
    • AWS Elastic Block Store Snapshots
    • AWS Resources
    Note: You must run Discovery to see data in a related list.