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Create a catalog item from a CloudFormation template

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Create a catalog item from a CloudFormation template

You can create a CloudFormation stack as a service catalog item based on a CloudFormation template that you approved for provisioning.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin, aws_admin

About this task

CloudFormation stacks that are approved for provisioning from the service catalog are contained in the CMDB CloudFormation [cmdb_ci_cloudformation_template] table.


  1. Navigate to Amazon AWS Cloud > CloudFormation > Templates.
  2. Select the template to use as a catalog item.
    Note: Values in the pre-populated fields are based on the CloudFormation template that you select. If you change the template, but no other values, the pre-populated data updates to the parameters on the new template. However, if you change a value in a pre-populated field before changing the template, the field value you changed is not updated when the template changes. This behavior allows you to change the price, name, or description of stacks.
  3. Click the Create Catalog Item related link.

    The CoudFormation Catalog Item form opens with the following fields pre-populated:

    Note: To view current catalog items that were created based on the current template, click the View Catalog Items related link.
    Table 1. Fields on the CoudFormation Catalog Item form
    Name CloudFormation stack name.
    Category The catalog item category for the request.
    Workflow The workflow used to complete the request.
    Short description By default, this value is the same as the name.
    Description A description of the template.
    Price The price of the selected stack.
    VM template The approved template from which this catalog item was created.
  4. Complete the form as described in Create or edit a catalog item.
    By default, the price is determined by the selected template. If the template changes, the system recalculates the item's price automatically.
  5. To override the price calculation manually, clear the Calculate check box and enter a new price for this item.
  6. Clear the Skip approval check box to require an approval for this item from the CloudFormation Approvers group.
    By default, the catalog item skips the approval. When you skip approvals, other approvals that apply to requests through the service catalog are still required.
  7. Select the appropriate Provisioning mode:
    Automatic [Default] Automatic provisioning: No catalog task is assigned to the CloudFormation Operators group.
    Manual A catalog task for specifying provisioning information is assigned to the Cloud Operators group with no automatic selections. The cloud operator can review the settings before closing the task.
  8. Click Update.