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AWS demo data: CloudFormation service catalog items

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AWS demo data: CloudFormation service catalog items

To illustrate the use of Amazon Web Services, the system provides demo data and samples of the data types.

Note: To prevent conflict with production data, load demo data only on a development or test instance.

The demo service catalog item names follow the pattern of "CloudFormation Stack – " plus the name of CloudFormation template. For example, one item name is CloudFormation Stack – AdwithPrivateSubnet. All of the demo catalog items use a demo account named AWS Account and U.S. West (Oregon) Region.

In each catalog item, you can specify input parameters to provision stacks. For example, you can specify which public and private subnets to use for the CloudFormation Stack – LAMPstack-VPC-PubPrivSubnet-RDS catalog item.

To help the end users to validate input parameters before actual provisioning, the order form uses dynamic input validation client scripts.