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AWS demo data: CloudFormation templates

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AWS demo data: CloudFormation templates

To illustrate the use of Amazon Web Services, the system provides demo data and samples of the data types.

Note: To prevent conflict with production data, load demo data only on a development or test instance.

The table maps each demo template to its demo stack:

Table 1. Demo CloudFormation templates
Template Name CloudFormation Stack Name
AD-usesPrivateSubnet AD-usesPrivateSubnet
LAMPstack-usesVPC-PubPrivSubnet-RDS LAMPstack-usesVPC-PubPrivSubnet-RDS, LAMPstack-usesVPC-PubPrivSubnet-RDS-RetailPort, LAMPstack-usesVPC-PubPrivSubnet-RDS-PeopleSoft
LAMPstack-usesVPC-PubSubnet LAMPstack-usesVPC-PubSubnet, LAMPstack-usesVPC-PubSubnet-RetailPortal
POS-includesVPC POS-requiresVPC
VPC-PubPrivSubnet VPC-PubPrivSubnet
VPC-PubSubnet VPC-PubSubnet